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About us

Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability – the branch in Gdañsk is a national association of the  parents of the intellectually disabled persons, operating within a network of the local centres.
The Gdansk branch of the Association has been officially registered since 1992 as a self-help, non-profit, non-governmental organization.

Polish Association for the Persons with Intellectual Disability Gdansk Branch carries out its projects in 10 institutions:

  • The Early Intervention Centre
  • The Non-public Development Support Centre
  • The Rehabilitation, Education and Care Centre
  • The Non-public Vocational School
  • The Occupational Therapy Workshops
  • The Daytime Activity Centre
  • The Sheltered Housing Facilities “Our Home”
  • The Supported Employment Agency
  • The Art gallery „Świętojańska”
  • The Vita Activa Orchestra